Test environment API credentials

In order to preview Klix payment gateway card payment method and test integration implementation following test account API credentials can be used:

Brand ID Secret key
702314b8-dd86-41fa-9a22-510fdd71fa92 IB-bzOdJLgJjbsaA34Qpxkg1TTIrW-iDuni6JuzbP--KgtsREHzvIvLLTH8E5T0CZcSbYM3qNmfeogpWW_RZaA==

Note that this Klix test account supports only card payments using special test cards which are not connected to real bank card issuer networks. Banklink and Klix Pay Later payment methods are available only using production API keys sent to you after Klix agreement signing.

Test cards that can be used with this account:

Issuer PAN CVV Expiry date 3D secure password
VISA 4314 2200 0000 0056 123 01/22 hint
MASTERCARD 5413 3300 0000 0019 589 01/22 hint

Note that any cardholder name can be used with these cards.